Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wargames (1983)

It's time to educate the wife once again. She spotted this one among the collection and uttered the dreaded words... "What's this about then?". My heart sank almost too quick for me to grab the tape and insert it into the VCR.

I've always loved this movie but I had no idea that it was released two years before I was born! I grew up with this, Flight of the Navigator and The Boy Who Could Fly, they were always on TV and I would never miss them when they were. Matthew Broderick is immense in this, always makes me jealous when I see his tech setup in his bedroom. Ally Sheedy is smokin' hot here too, especially during jogging.

One of  my childood faves and happy to report that it still holds up very well indeed. Shame they're planning a remake, they just can't leave well alone.

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