Monday, 28 February 2011

From Hell (2001)

When this film was released in 2001 I was only 16 and therefore too young to see it. So I waited for the VHS release and over a year later my corner shop had it in stock so me and a friend sat down to watch it. We were both agreed on the fact that this film was an unbearable experience and one that we wouldn't like to be subjected to ever again. That was until #mysterymoviemonday showed up and ruined the pact.

Although i'm English, there is something about typical British actors that really bothers me. I somehow manage to avoid Judi Dench movies and period dramas because of this, maybe i'm missing out on some great films but it's just something i'll have to live with. This film has every British actor and actress in it that I can't stand. From Jason Flemyng to Ian Holm, you also get Eastenders, Playing the Field and Shameless actors.
Heather Graham is also atrocious and Johnny Depp is bearable, that's being nice.

I'm giving this one an extra half a star based on the fact that it wasn't as dire as I remembered it being. Having said that I still believe it to be a load of old tripe.

Celtic Pride (1996)

I thought I’d take a break from screening unseen material by revisiting a childhood classic. I first saw this film back in 1997 when I was 12. I rented it from my local video store ‘Video Vision’ for the night. I must have watched this film 4 times in a row before returning it the following afternoon.

Unlike many other comedies from around the same period, I genuinely think this is one of the funnier ones. Daniel Stern is great as the Boston Celtics obsessed gym teacher, and likewise is Dan Aykroyd as the toilet repairman, and fellow Boston Celtics loving best friend. I thought Damon Wayans did a great job too, following on from the success of The Last Boyscout. This is not a patch on that film though, make no mistake that one is far superior.

As a fan of Football and sports in general, I could really relate to the character’s superstitious ways. This is a good comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I still love it after all these years.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

I was not looking forward to this one at all. The only Efron film that I had seen prior to this one was 17 Again which I surprisingly quite liked. The High School Musical films are on my to-watch-list though, apparently they're pretty decent.

This is one film that I can honestly say will not be in my thoughts from this day forward. It's very flawed, totally unoriginal and so see through it's like cling film. Zac Efron does his best and is quite likeable but I found it hard to believe that Amanda Crew of Sex Drive fame was the lead hottie. She looked very plastic and I think she's done something to her lips, they were awful.

I'm not sure why i'm giving this one such a big score, I think it's largely down to the performance of Efron becuase the story is prett ridiculous and very pointless. See this one if you have a few hours to kill and maybe if you're looking for a background film while you have a hot girl round. Other than that don't bother.

Rad (1986)

How this film is still not available on DVD is beyond me, but I guess that's just another reason to love VHS.

"It's going to take a lot more than skill for Cru Jones to conquer the toughest BMX challenge in the world. It's going to take a miracle."

Another 80's movie contender for the greatest soundtrack of all time. The scene at the high school dance between Cru (Bill Allen) and Christian (Lori Loughlin) simply takes your breath away.
There are a few people in this film that left me infuriated, Alfie Wise who plays Eliott Dole is just one of them. He drove me nuts! The other is the character of Bart Taylor, apparently the greatest BMX rider in America. That is until he rides into Cru. For every annoying character you get a cracker, take the ginger kid for instance with his Bart Taylor shirt who gets transformed into a Cru's number fan.

I've dabbled with the idea in the past but now I know it for sure, I am completely head over heels in love with Lori Loughlin. From Secret Admirer onwards, this girl is smokin' hot.

That last race took everything I had. When Cru does the bike back-flip you can't help but raise a huge smile. To be fair to Bart, he stops at the last lap to allow Cru to catch up so he can have  one-on-one shot. It's bad-ass! I ended up loving Taylor too.

There aren't many but this one has to be the greatest BMX movie of all time. I'm sure of it! I'm sure most of you have seen it but if you haven't I urge you to tack the tape down, thank me later.
You could also do no wrong by screening this one with either BMX Bandits, Gleaming the Cube or Thrashin'.

The Indian in the Cupboard (1995)

Let me start by saying that as a kid I was completely obsessed with movies and toys. For this films plot to be based around a toy coming to life, well you could imagine how excited I was when this film came out. Sadly my parents wouldn't take me to see it in the cinema and I never got around to owning it on tape when it finally made it's way to home video. Now, some 15 years later I finally get my time.

I had a great time with this one. Alright so it's no Toy Story or Small Soldiers, but it's a hell of a lot better than Night at the Museum. The effects were pretty great and the kid was very likeable. I even like David Keith in this one which is something of a rarity for me as I cannot stand that guy's face in anything.

This film would be even greater today if it had followed through with it's Robocop Vs. Darth Vader cupboard scene. Copyright issues aside, if they could have got a hold of the rights to allow them any toys, imagine the possibilties. You could have the Ghostbusters travelling around in the Delorean. You could have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting E.T.

Sunday is the day that I lock myself away in the movie room at 7am and watch a few kids movies to lighten my weeks mood. This one had me smiling throughout and for that I thank God films like this were made.

One Crazy Summer (1986)

You're looking at a kid who was raised on the films of John Cusack. I used to watch them for breakfast, dinner, tea and even supper. This film however, was one I always put aside due to the bad reviews. I was never prepared for a Cusack low point so I just avoided the issue completely.

This one followed right after Holland's directorial debut of the brilliant Better Off Dead, an absolute classic 80's movie. So by all rights this should have been great. Great it is now, but it does have enough laughs to keep you mildly entertained. The scene with the two girls at the start getting warned by the traffic lady. "You know girls, if you keep pulling faces like that and somebody slaps you on the back, you'll STAY that way forever!"

"There sure are some ugly looking kids running around out here."

Overall it's pretty average and the plot is absolutely redundant but I find it almost impossible to hate an 80's movie featuring John Cusack, so it gets the third star based on his performance.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dirty Dancing (1987)

I asked my wife what film she would pick to watch if the world was going to end tonight. Any film ever made, but preferably one which makes you smile and one which creates a lasting impression. She selected Dirty Dancing, and the rest as they say is history.

We visited Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia last year as part of our trip across the States, so this one was due a revisit anyway, just so we could see all the movie locations.

I'm not a huge fan of the film in general but I do love Patrick Swayzee in just about anything from the 80's, and this one's a pretty solid entry. Very cheese-tastic in parts but overall enjoyable. Jennifer Grey looks pretty hot too.

I have to reiterate though, you'll never get me revisiting Grease. I fucking hate that movie!

Deadly Prey (1987)

"In Vietnam, he was the best... He still is!"

Let me start by saying nobody in the world can prepare your eyes for the visual raping that they are about to receive when you slip this sexy little number on. I for one, will certainly never recover, nor would I want to.

Colonel Hogan (David Campbell) is a power hungry former military officer who is currently training a large group of ex-soldiers as mercenaries by having them hunt down willing applicants from the streets of L.A. The money behind this operation is being provided by Don Michaelson (Troy Donahue), but he threatens to pull the plug on the whole operation unless the training is completed soon. Unfortunately for Hogan and his men they kidnap an unwilling participate, and bat-shit crazy ex-marine Mike Danton (Ted Prior). Having no weapons or indeed clothes does not faze this brick wall of a man. As soon as he is released from his shackles and into the woods with a pair of skimpy jean shorts, the man sets about killing each and every one of Hogan's men, and of course in the best deaths imaginable.
As Hogan quickly realises that his mini army is depleting in numbers, he assigns the also bat-shit crazy Lieutenant Thornton (Fritz Matthews) to kidnap Danton's wife Jaimy (Suzanne Tara) in an effort to bring Danton into the open, and then attempt to take him down. Danton meanwhile finds a very unlikely partner in the woods in the shape of another ex-marine buddy called Cooper (William Zipp).

From the moment those credits start rolling you just know what kind of a movie you're in for. It starts with 5 minutes of the group loading their guns, I felt a little left out. Then it shows you a chubby man running through the woods and being hunted down by Hogan's crew. His clothes look are supposed to appear worn and weathered as if he had been running all night, sadly they looked like Edward Scissorhands had tried to repair a small hole but in turn shredded his entire ensemble for the day.

There are so many great scenes in this film that it would take me an entire day to talk about so instead i;m just going to touch on a few that had me rolling around the floor and then in the next breath, punching the air with pride.
I absolutely adored the 'number plate' scene with Jaimy and her ex-policeman father. Can you remember anything? "I can remember part of the number plate, it was 2...4...7" This is very important. Are you sure? "No. It was 4...2....7" 427? Jaimy are you positive? 427?
Then you have the scene with Danton hiding out in a tree about three inches above the head of the team, he must have been wearing some super smart skin coloured camouflage gear because he was pretty visible to me. It also displays a scene where he kills a man with the smallest tree branch that I have ever seen, right through the heart of a guy even bigger than he is.
I'd say most people will enjoy the last half an hour of this movie the most, it's when Danton returns to the woods in search of his kidnapped wife seeking revenge on the bastards that took her. He is in full army gear and war paint (boots sold separately), and even lays out a few traps for the crew to stumble across along the way.
My favourite scene is one that I don't want to spoil too much, seeing is believing. I'll just say that involves Danton beating a man to death with his own arm that he has just hacked off with a machete, before following it up with a good ole fashioned scalping.

"Take off your shirt before I take you out from under it." What an ending!!!!

I am currently embarking on the amazing back catalogue of work by David A.Prior. This all stems from my complete love and admiration for the film Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout). This one was my second film of his and I can honestly say right now, I will watch any film that this man puts out. Not only are those two films fantastic but that man can pick a tune. His choice of music for Aerobicide blew my spandex off and the synth in this beast is almost breathtaking at times. Seriously, you have to check this film out. You will have the greatest time with it.

If I were to add my own tagline to this movie, it would be; "Mike Danton is a real bastard to wake up. But an even bigger bastard to knock out."

It's like Punishment Park meets The Running Man meets Rambo meets Predator, all rolled into one.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Heavenly Bodies (1984)

"Working out... Reaching high... Dreaming big!"

I was searching for an 80's movie that had the same feel to it as one of my favourites Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout), and I definitely found what I was seaching for with this treat.
This movie has the bad-ass soundtrack, dodgy actors and fun plot which makes the experience worthwhile.

Cynthia Dale is smoking hot as Samantha Blair, the dance-ercise instructor who makes it big on TV. There is so much sexual tension between her and Steve that at times it becomes unbearable. I was sweating for the most part, especially that stare scene. You'll know what I mean when you screen this one.
It's such a shame that it never received the 3D treatment back then, I could almost reach out and touch those pelvic thrusts.

If your feet aren't tapping to the OST, i'm afraid there isn't much hope for you. I need somebody to get me in touch with Brian Foley, the choreography in this film is arse clenchingly good.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thrashin' (1986)

My CBS/FOX VHS tape is in pretty great condition. The trailers included on this one were for Better Off Dead, The Mosquito Coast, The Doctor and the Devils and Peggy Sue Got Married.

This film has it all. A killer soundtrack, amazing plot, gorgeous women and Josh Brolin in top, top form. His mullet and total lack of disregard for shirts left me breathless. Almost as much as that air guitar scene by Hook. He's in his home accompanied by the rest of his Dagger crew, when he just starts going for it. It was pretty intense.

The cast is spectacular. Not only is this one blessed with Brolin, Robert Rusler and Pamela Gidley, you also get the fuck-tastic Sherilyn Fenn from some of the greatest 80's flicks ever made. Just One of the Guys, The Wild Life and The Wraith being career highlights. That woman is smokin' hot in everything!

I hear this one is best viewed alongside Gleaming the Cube. I guess i'll have to see for myself real soon...

BMX Bandits (1983)

This amazingly is my first entry into the world of Brian Trenchard-Smith. I have known about the guy for years now through friends on Twitter and through the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, which is amazing by the way. I actually own quite a few of his films on tape but i've just never got around to screening any of them.

I really had a good time with this one. I chose this one first because it appealed to me the most. I mean, kids on BMX's? bad guys chasing them? Come on.
I was kind of won over within the first minute by the killer title and opening score. Then I noticed that David Argue (Whitey) was going to be in it, better known to most as the 'I'd love to smash his annoying fucking face in' Dicko from Razorback. My favourite film of his, and one of the funniest comedies of all time in my opinion, is Hercules Returns.

This is a goofy ride, but if you know what to expect and go along with it, then I think you'll have a great time. I know I did. Reminded me a lot of Round the Twist, anyone remember that classic TV show?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Superbad (2007)

The latest #mysterymoviemonday screening was Superbad, a film that I have seen 10 times or more now.
I can't really add a lot to this film, I went through a stage where I would screen it every other night, it's such a great feel good movie. Every scene is hilarious and you don'tneed me to tell you how fucking fantastic this one is.

I will add that this is yet another safe pick from the projectionist, a crowd pleaser if you will.

Basically, if you haven't checked this one out by now, there is no saving you.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Little Darlings (1980)

"The bet is on: whoever loses her virginity first- wins"

Yet another film that had eluded me for years, and once again expectations were set to maximum.
For those of you who are not familiar with this film, it's basically about a group of 15 year olds at summer camp who all claim to have had sex, except for two young women, Angel (Kristy McNichol) and Ferris (Tatum O'Neal). They decide to make a bet, the first one to lose their virginity wins. Cue a young looking Matt Dillon to step in and try to help one of them out with their situation. Randy by name, randy by nature.

I thought I was going to hate Matt Dillon in this. After seeing him in My Bodyguard I just wanted to punch his smug looking face in, but in this he's actually quite charming. Armand Assante is also quite brilliant as the teacher. He won me over in a scene where he serenades the girls with a song about a chicken that has no bones on the guitar. One of the characters looked very familiar and it bugged the hell out of me until about half an hour in when it hit me, the character of Sunshine is played by Cynthia Nixon (or Miranda from Sex and the City to most of you). I knew I knew ya! As Del Griffith would say.
Obviously this film ultimately strikes gold with it's two main child stars, O'Neal and McNichol. Both of whom are fantastic, although I did start to get creeped out every time O'Neal's character Ferris tried it on with the teacher (Assante).

The story is quite tender but it treats the subject matter with great care, unlike many other camp movies from the same period. It's a stage that we all went through and I thought it dealt with it excellently.

I couldn't help but notice that Barry De Vorzon's Baseball Furies Chase music was playing in the background in an early scene. It may have been in my mind but I swear I could hear it playing softly as the girls enter their cabin for the very first time. I hope someone has a screening fairly soon so that they could confirm this to me.

This film is amazing and it comes with my seal of approval (for what it's worth). I'm placing it high up on the list of my all-time favourite 80's movies. We're talking Three O'Clock High and alike here!

What can I say? I'm a sucker for an 80's summer camp movie.

The Mechanic (2011)

I haven't seen the original to this film so I can't start or end this review by comparing it to the 70's Bronson flick. I will however say that if this is far inferior to it's predecessor, then I know i'm going to love the original.

I'm not a huge fan of Statham or Ben Foster but as a pair I thought they were good. I loved the opening kill with the guy in his swimming pool and Statham's under the water rowing his arms for him.
Like many films that tread the same story you could tell where this one was going but it plays out really well, the action scenes and deaths were all pretty decent too.

I never thought this one was for me but i'd definitely recommend it to most. I am in no way converted to loving the Statham though, not one little bit. Foster maybe, but no Statham. Except Lock Stock.

Burke and Hare (2010)

I wasn't expecting great things from this one as it was universally panned, and while I didn't loathe it, I also didn't find much to love about it either.
Pegg and Serkis do their very best as the lead roles but the plot just isn't strong enough, there seems to be too many side stories which don't really make much sense. Isla Fisher, for all her beauty might as well have stayed at home, her scenes were pretty pointless. To say I hardly laughed throughout is putting it mildly, to label yourself as a comedy for me there needs to be some good humour, sadly it lacked.
It's always great to see one of your all time favourite comedy directors back behind the lens, and I guess it's a step in the right direction. < See what I did there?

Angel (1984)

"Honor student by day - hooker by night!"

This film has been on my most wanted list for the past 8 years. It's almost impossible to track down on VHS. I think EMI distributed this in the UK but i've never seen an original tape and i'd be interested to know if anyone out there has one.

My expectations were set to extremely high and this one didn't disappoint me. I was however amazed at how this film passed certification over here, what with the BBFC going crazy around that exact time, cutting all sorts of films. It's basically the story of a 15 year old schoolgirl who's making money out of prostitution after school to help fund her education.

The film is fantastic on it's own but the supporting cast go a long way to help make it the cult classic that it is today. You have Rory Calhoun playing the ageing ex-western film star who struts around the streets dressed in full cowboy gear, telling stories to anyone that will listen. You also get the killer played by Jon Diehl, he is amazing in this, so creepy. From a 30 second scene where he's sucking on a raw egg, to the head shaving scene where he tries to alter his appearance after the cops have recognised him. He goes down to the bone and blends in with some Hare Krishnas. For me he would have been better off joining an R.E.M. tribute band. The guy doesn't know how to run either!
My favourite supporting member though is Mae (Dick Shawn). I've never laughed so hard at a fight scene in my entire life. From the moment he/she opens the door to the killer at Angel's apartment I was in bits. Door opens; "Who does your hair? Dick face." Killer comes in and then a fight breaks out between the pair. "My luck! I gotta get into a bald headed fight." "About your breath..." It really is a hilarious scene but only for those brief moments, some light relief from an otherwise intense revenge flick. It also boasts a killer score.

If you can get your hands on it it's definitely worth your time and can sit proudly among the other films in it's genre. I think this would make for a great triple bill with The Stepfather and Savage Streets.

"Give a man something to suck on and he's happy."

The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987)

This is nothing special and not a patch on the first two films. Dare I say it, but this one lacks the heart and charm which made the first two so special.
It's worth tracking down though for the 'Has Anybody Seen This Girl' song and Grumpy Bear rap end credits, but other than that it's pretty ordinary.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Roller Boogie (1979)


It's been less than a month before I watched this film for the first time, I just had to show it to my wife, brother in law and his wife. Needless to say they dug the shit out of it.

Essential viewing!

The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

I have a strong affection for The Rescuers (1977), I consider it one of if not the greatest Disney movie of all time (competition coming from The Jungle Book). I was about 5 years old when the sequel came out so I never got around to watching it until I turned 10, and i've never seen it since. 15 years is such a huge gap so it needed a rewatch.

I quite enjoyed it, it's got nothing on the original but it is rather fun. It always warms my heart to hear the voice of John Candy, and he's reasonably funny as Wilbur the Albatross.
What you have to admit about these films though is how dark they are. We all know Disney have a bit of a thing for making dark films, especially the earlier stuff but I was surprised at how creepy this one really is. A young boy is kidnapped by an Australian poacher and held until he tells the hunter where the eagle that he has been tracking for ages is hiding out. Not only that but he places the boy in a cage, then ties him up and leans him over a cliff and uses him as crocodile bait.

Decent and harmless enough but don't put it to the top of your Disney queue, and seek out the original if you haven't done so already. It's a classic!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Scarecrow (1973)

"The road leads itself to somewhere."

This weird but wonderfully enjoyable film stars Gene Hackman and Al Pacino as two lost souls, totally different in character, who become partners and travel east to start up their own car wash business.
They meet by the side of the road and compete against each other at hitch-hiking. After they both fail to nab a ride, Lion (Pacino) offers Max (Hackman) his last match as Max's lighter has broken. This kind gesture amuses Max and a friendship is then born.

The major downside I have with this film is with the character of Lion. He tries to be funny at every opportunity and just ends up annoying me for the most part. Whether or not this was the intention of the Director, I just don't know but it started to eat away at me after a while, just needless attempts at comedy and bad jokes. On the other side of it you have an absolutely fantastic performance from Hackman. He's unstable but loyal, and someone who loves to get into a fight at any given moment.
I've never seen someone wear as many clothes as Hackman does in this one though, he must have 12 shirts on in each scene. It totally saves him carrying it around in a case the whole time I guess.

I was very surprised to see Richard Lynch turn up too as Riley, an inmate at a correctional facility that the two have to spend a month at, after Max got into a pub brawl defending the honour of his new girlfriend.
As per usual he plays a creep, inviting at first he takes the young Lion under his wing and offers him stardom, only for him to want a little 'man love' in return. Lion doesn't respond too well to the advances of Riley and tries to stick up for himself. This leaves him with one of the worst faces i've ever seen, he gets the living shit kicked out of him. Have no fear though, because Max soon finds out and repays the favour ten fold on Riley as payback for his partner.

While watching the DVD of this film I couldn't help notice how badly it had been edited. I honestly thought parts were missing from it, it seemed to jump scenes very quickly and even plot developments some times. This may have been a dodgy disc but the run time looked fine. Very odd.

Overall this is a pretty solid buddy flick about dreams and ultimately reality. I never saw the ending coming in a million years, it's pretty heartbreaking stuff. I don't want to spoil anything so i'll leave it at that.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Seven-Ups (1973)

After screening and loving Sorcerer so much, I was in the mood for some more Scheider lovin'.

Now, I came into this one only expecting to mainly see Scheider, Tony Lo Bianco and Lynch but I wasn't banking on getting yet another minor Spinell (Maniac) appearance. Totally over the moon with that one, I could watch that guy in anything.
I also loved seeing Richard Lynch as the evil Moon. His face is so recognisable, he reminds me of Bill Pullman's character in Surveillance, mask on of course (not really a Surveillance spoiler).

The car chase in this film is incredible. I'd heard a few things beforehand about it so I was expecting great things and it duly delivered. The way Moon's car is hiding in front of the bus so that when the pursuing Buddy's car starts to pull up alongsode the bus to overtake, Moon leans out of the window with a sawn-off shotgun and opens fire on Buddy. Brilliant!

There are so many great moments in this one, the car-wash scenes being a particular highlight. You see the car go in, the soap start pouring, and then these guys walk out from nowhere, locking the car doors with handcuffs and walking off with the loot from the trunk. I was expecting the same the next time but it took another route which again, was pretty damn spectacular.

This for me can stand proudly among the finest 70's flicks. It's right up there with The French Connection and one not to be overlooked. Yet another addition to my #missedmoviesofthe70s list.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Tourist (2010)

Well, i'm blaming my Parents for this one. I avoided this like I avoid many due to it's bad reputation upon release, then my Dad rang and told me that he had just seen it and it really surprised him.
I called the film from the first few minutes. It's too predictable to be enjoyed and it actually started to irritate me near the end.

Paul Bettany was awful in this film and the pairing of Jolie and Depp didn't work for me as well as I thought it would. I'm disappointed in the director more than anyone else though, I mean this is from the same guy that brought us The Lives of Others. A film which I adore more each time I revisit it.

I'm really not sure why i'm giving it such a fair score to be honest as I had major problems with it. For an agency looking to take down someone who stole almost 800m from then, how inconspicuous can your agents get? 20 to a platform when the train pulls up? There weren't but 50 people there all together. Then you have Bettany shouting into his ear piece to Jolie and sending her very obvious glances across the room. It's minor things like that in films which really start to anger me.

If you see one movie set in Venice before you leave this earth, make it Don't Look Now.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sorcerer (1977)

I knew nothing about this film until tonight other than it was added to my huge list of #missedmoviesofthe70s.
This film stunned me, I have to say. I was just not expecting that.

The score is pretty sensational by Tangerine Dream, one of my favourites. Really creepy and atmospheric, like something fresh out of Escape From New York, very Carpenter-esque.
Scheider and Bruno Cremer are magnificent but you also have Joe Spinell turn up midway through. My favourite character in this though was the tough looking Mexican (I think) who is hired at the last minute to replace the guy he just killed, he is immense.

I never thought i'd live to see the day where I would spend 10 minutes willing trucks across a bridge. It was tense stuff and had me on the edge of my seat. The ending is pretty great too, you never really forget that particular part of the plot but when the cab rolls up it still kind of takes you by surprise.

I'd head into this film the same way as I did, that way you can enjoy it to it's fullest. I implore you to check this one out, it simply is film-making at it's most glorious. Friedkin, you are a master!

Pretty Woman (1990)

So it's Valentine's Day and time for yet another #mysterymoviemonday screening.
I tweeted my fears shortly before we entered the cinema, believing this to be the perfect chance for the projectionist to select a Garry Marshall type movie and he did not disappoint.
I kept thinking to myself it's going to be Pretty Woman, I just know it. Bizarre!

When the title appeared on screen it brought with it a mass exodus of alpha males, unwilling to sit through what is essentially a chick-flick. My Wife turned to me and told me that it would be alright to leave if 'I' wanted to (cue Wild Women Do by Natalie Cole playing as I turned my head back to the screen). As if i'd walk away!

I wasn't a great fan of the film and everytime it was put forward to rewatch i'd give a look of disapproval, but I was surprised at how little of the film I actually remembered. It's so light hearted that I just gave in and accepted it for what it is.

Alright, but i'll never give in on Grease. That film I just can't stand!

Enter the Void (2009)

I should really know what i'm getting myself in for when it comes to a Noe film, but I don't think anything or anyone could have prepared me for what I have just witnessed. What a fantastic film!

I was in love with this one from the opening credits and score, it's just a good job I don't suffer from epilepsy as those strobe lights would have had me frothing at the mouth.

My favourite scene is the films most crucial, where Victor has lured Oscar into the Void club and he is then chased into the cubicle of the men's toilets by the police. It is there where Oscar is shot and ultimately killed but it's executed magnificently, I was genuinely terrified.

My only negative with this one is that it feels about 20-25 minutes too long. I loved the ending, even though i'm aware that it has divided many, but I felt the long LOVE hotel scene near the very end was unnecessary. I'm all for close ups of breasts and rough sex but it was a little bit too much for me. There appears to be two known running times for this movie, one at 161m and one (the version I saw) 142m.
Having said that, the ending was fantastic and really knitted in well with the *SLIGHT SPOILERS* book of the dead story. My only regret is that I missed it on the big screen, I can only begin to imagine what this must have looked like with the colours and strobe lights. Wow!

This film is not for everyone but if you are a fan of Noe's previous work, or even arty films in general then you need to check this one out. My only tip for screening it at home, TURN THE LIGHTS OFF AND CRANK THAT VOLUME UP!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)

After the success of last weekends screening of the first film, I couldn't help but screen the sequel. A much better film technically than the first and the songs are much less cheesier.
I was surprised to remember that this one is a prequel. I didn't realise at first but then I noticed that Grumpy Bear was in nappies, a bold move by the director me thinks, and one which pays off.

These really are great films in their own little way and I have a huge affection for them. Give me the Care Bears instead of something like My Soul to Take any day of the week.

The next time I do any sort of jumping, be it parachute, bungee jumping or otherwise, i'll be shouting "We Caaaaare!!!" Plus somebody will be getting the Care Bear stare if they're being mean. If I was a Care Bear i'd be Tender Bear, he's the only one who I can relate to. I mean these bears wouldn't last five minutes in the real world.

Great for nostalgia but also really good fun, check them out.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Soul to Take (2010)

Wes Craven, better known for classics like Scream, Last House on the Left and A Nightmare on Elm Street attempts to try and break back into the teen market once again with this trashy yawn fest.

The plot is atrocious, the characters are annoying and the killer looks like a mash-up of a homeless guy and Predator, with Jigsaw's voice.
I can't be bothered to comment any further on this lump of cack, just avoid it at all costs. It's right up there with Shrooms and Boo for me, and I absolutely hate those movies.

Craven, you should know better!

Tangled (2010)

I'm a complete sucker for a bit of animation, and that goes double for anything Disney or Pixar related.
After my Mom came back from the States in November she was telling me how great this film was so I have been counting down the days until the UK release ever since.
This film totally lived up the hype. Amazing songs, fantastic animation, heartwarming story and it's left me with a great after feeling.

The chameleon is hilarious, as to is the horse. And considering they are both mute (animals normally are), it's amazing how funny they can be, think Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin routines. It's made my teeth ache at how sweet it is and I cannot praise it highly enough.

Loved it!

The Refrigerator (1991)

"No survivors. Only leftovers."

A film that takes me right back to my VHS hunting days. Whenever I see this cover it reminds me of my local video store Video Vision, they had it on the shelf for years. This is apparently very rare and was only ever released in the US, UK and Germany on a very, very limited run. I feel quite proud owning this piece of cinematical masterclass.

A fridge torments and kills all tenants that occupy a small New York flat where it resides. It's a gateway to hell!

From some of the greatest lines in movie history like "I am the waffle maker!", to tap-dancing plumbers dressed in bondage gear. You will not have a better time.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Breakin' (1984)

Well, I was in the mood for some sharp 80's beats and some bad-ass moves, and this did not disappoint me at all.

I wanted to throw on a pair of zubaz and don a sweatband. From Christopher McDonald's glorious perm, to Ice-T's rappin. It's hard not to like this film. I'm just dead excited because i've got films like Rooftops, Rappin', Beat Street, Electric Boogaloo and various other gems to come.

Never Let Me Go (2010)

This is another one of those films where I went in to it having been told next to nothing about it, sometimes the best way to view a film. It's a real heartbreaker this one. I loved every minute of it. The performances are nothing short of brilliant too. And i'll also say that the cast choices of the younger versions were uncanny, seriously great. I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

True Grit (2010)

This is a weird one, I had no idea it was being made, let alone released. So when the trailer hit the screens I kind of thought it looked a bit rushed. How wrong was I? This could be a contender for film of the year already (along with Never Let Me Go and 127 Hours). The Coen's  have hit me again. Wonderful performance all round but special praise to Hailee Steinfeld, she was magnificent. I'd also like to pay a special mention to the humour, this film is hilarious in parts. Non more so than when Bridges keeps launching the kids off the front porch. Genius!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Shallow Grave (1994)

The next instalment of #MysteryMovieMonday was one that I hadn't seen since I was about 15. I was beginning to lose patience with the whole Mystery thing as they tend to screen current movies only but I thought this was an interesting choice. Not one person walked out, which is something of a rarity these days.

I liked this film the first time around but I loved it this time. That's the best thing about it, because had it not have been for MMM, I doubt i'd have ever gotten around to screening it ever again. It's one of Danny Boyles's finest films in my opinion. Very tense, great acting and a great plot.
It's nothing original plot-wise as there are tons of films that have tackled the same ground, but I think it stands up a lot better than something like A Simple Plan or Money For Nothing.

I doubt there are many people left who haven't seen this one but if you are one of the unlucky ones, check it out.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Barry Munday (2010)

I believe this film went straight to DVD which is fine, but I was very surprised at how much I liked it.
Patrick Wilson is fantastic if not unrecognisable and Judy Greer is her typecast zany self. The film is about womaniser Barry who has his balls taken away after a trumpet accident (not like you might think). But a few weeks later Ginger Farley turns up claiming that she is pregnant with his child.

The film is so sweet and heartwarming and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Dare I say it, this film has balls.

Care Bears the Movie (1985)

There are a few films and shows from my childhood that will always hold a special nostalgic place in my heart. The Care Bears, Raccoons, Fraggle Rock, Pippi Longstocking and Glo-Worms are just a few so I thought it was about time I started to revisit a few of them. The only danger is that some memories are better off left as they were just in case they ruin your memory of childhood. In the case of The Care Bears though, it's a pretty entertaining rewatch.

It's more suited for children between the ages of about 4 and 8 but I still got a kick out of it. If like me you wake up on a Sunday morning and feel like revisiting your youth, if only for 60 odd minutes, then you can't go far wrong with this one. Now then, time to dig out the sequel for next Sunday...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The French Connection (1971)

I have held onto this film for far too long now, the time finally came to unleash it on my eyes.

I decided to skip my VHS copy and head straight for the Blu-ray. This was not a great decision as the print isn't the greatest, it's very grainy in parts and overall pretty poor. Having said that, this was released in 1971 and i'm sure it's as good as it possibly can be.

The film was fantastic and Hackman and Scheider were amazing in the central roles.
My favourite scene was where Hackman is quietly observing and following Alain, the key Frenchman. Hackman follows him through the streets and then the subway, but it's there that Alain (played by Fernando Rey) pulls off one of the greatest and cockiest escapes i've ever seen. It shows them both getting on and off the train, then to get a cup of juice, then back on, then back off again before a great little pass and move manoeuvre to slip away. That scene was my pick of the bunch, the car chase would be far too obvious for me.

Yet another classic 70's movie on my way to visit all of the classics.
Hackman's finest hour? Quite possibly.