Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

Rarely do 80's dance movies get anywhere close than the likes of Heavenly Bodies, an exception is made for this movie.

My head was moving from about the third minute and it barely stopped until that final credit rolled. The soundtrack (which I now own) is phenomenal. I thought Roller Boogie had a great soundtrack, this is right up there.

It was weird seeing a very young Helen Hunt and an almost horseless faced Sarah Jessica-Parker. Lee Montgomery who played Jeff was great, shame he hasn't done much since though. Ed Lauter showing up too? A very nice touch, very nice.

The film is a poison, once you get a little bit of it inside you, it takes control of your entire body and owns you. I loved it and plan on seeing it again and again as well as recommending it to others. If you love your dance movies with killer soundtracks then you have to see this, our life will always be that little bit darker for having missed it.

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