Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Go-Kids (1986)

This film is also known as The Quest and Frog Dreaming, I prefer The Go-Kids title and the UK box art.
This is also only my third Brian Trenchard-Smith movie.

Henry Thomas is a loveable kid and after the huge success of E.T. and Cloak and Dagger, I can see why most directors would want to cast him. My only problem with this one is that the story is quite weak, there's no real substance to it. If you were to base the movie on the cover above you'd think it was the greatest kids movie of all time, sadly this is not. I loved the relationship between Cody and his Guardian, it reminded me a lot of my youth (i'm still young). I was out roaming the woods and things by the age of 8 onwards, a littel dangerous now if you think back.

I guess I raised my expectations a little, it's still a decent film but it's not one i'll be pushing on people in a hurry. I still think Henry Thomas' best work came in the two other movies I mentioned.

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