Monday, 25 July 2011

No Retreat No Surrender (1986)

Nobody can prepare you for the awesomeness!

I had many rumours about this movie, not knowing which was face and which was fiction. Let me tell you that everything you hear about it is true and crammed into 90 minutes too.
The acting is beyond awful, the dialogue is pretty much non-existent but somehow it just delivers greatness on every level. Van Damme barely speaks and barely gets any screen time but when he's there he owns the screen, such a shame he plays the bag guy really.
Just when you think you have experienced the bad, the weird and the downright silly, in walks the ghost of Bruce Lee to train the young Jason. Now that is movie magic! His friend RJ is pretty great too, highly quotable.

The movie is terrible but in the way that I love, it just works. Also, check out the soundtrack when you get a chance, it compliments the film perfectly. This would go down excellently with a slice of The Last Dragon, double-bill it. Sho'nuff.

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