Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bridesmaids (2011)

I had heard amazing things about this one, The Hangover for women some called it. I always end up going to the cinema for these types of films, missing out on the blockbusters.

I was so happy when all of the buzz turned out to be right, this film is hilarious. The main reason for that is the central and comedic performance from Wiig, she is the reason this film has been such a hit.
There are scenes in this which left me in bits and i'm finding that harder and harder to come by these days, films just aren't that amusing to me anymore. The plane scenes are the ones which tipped this one for me, unbelievably funny. "Stove?" "Are you an appliance?" Genius.

I would put this on a par with The Hangover. I can't speak for the sequel because I couldn't part with my cash for it so i'm waiting for the DVD released but definitely level with the first. I loved this film and I love Wiig even more now, she's also very hot.


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