Friday, 29 July 2011

3:15 (1986)

This is one movie that I knew very little about. I purchased it for a few quid when I was about 13 from my local VHS market stall, it was in the big boxed Virgin release. After sitting on my shelf for the next year or so I decided to take it back down the market and trade it in for something else, little did I know i'd revisit a few years later and find out it was amazing.

This movie is like a mash-up of my favourites. There's the My Bodyguard element, the Three O'Clock High theme and even the gangs from The Warriors. Tie it all together with a great lead in Adam Baldwin, some of the worst gang members you'll ever see and then let the magic happen, with the amazing soundtrack playing throughout. Really though, the Cobra's are the most wimpiest of guys you'll ever come across and the little chubby guy who can't act is really annoying, I wanted to kick his ass. In fact most of the acting is terribly annoying in this but you forgive it because it's awesome.

I loved everything about this film and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone. I've just got to try and track down that VHS again now.

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