Monday, 28 February 2011

From Hell (2001)

When this film was released in 2001 I was only 16 and therefore too young to see it. So I waited for the VHS release and over a year later my corner shop had it in stock so me and a friend sat down to watch it. We were both agreed on the fact that this film was an unbearable experience and one that we wouldn't like to be subjected to ever again. That was until #mysterymoviemonday showed up and ruined the pact.

Although i'm English, there is something about typical British actors that really bothers me. I somehow manage to avoid Judi Dench movies and period dramas because of this, maybe i'm missing out on some great films but it's just something i'll have to live with. This film has every British actor and actress in it that I can't stand. From Jason Flemyng to Ian Holm, you also get Eastenders, Playing the Field and Shameless actors.
Heather Graham is also atrocious and Johnny Depp is bearable, that's being nice.

I'm giving this one an extra half a star based on the fact that it wasn't as dire as I remembered it being. Having said that I still believe it to be a load of old tripe.

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