Sunday, 27 February 2011

Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

I was not looking forward to this one at all. The only Efron film that I had seen prior to this one was 17 Again which I surprisingly quite liked. The High School Musical films are on my to-watch-list though, apparently they're pretty decent.

This is one film that I can honestly say will not be in my thoughts from this day forward. It's very flawed, totally unoriginal and so see through it's like cling film. Zac Efron does his best and is quite likeable but I found it hard to believe that Amanda Crew of Sex Drive fame was the lead hottie. She looked very plastic and I think she's done something to her lips, they were awful.

I'm not sure why i'm giving this one such a big score, I think it's largely down to the performance of Efron becuase the story is prett ridiculous and very pointless. See this one if you have a few hours to kill and maybe if you're looking for a background film while you have a hot girl round. Other than that don't bother.

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