Saturday, 21 May 2011

Waiting For Superman (2010)

I don't have kids but I am in that unusual place where i'm entertaining the thought of them, but this documentary really moved me. So much so that I was reduced to tears by the final moments.
The weird part is that you invest so much into each child emotionally, that you almost forget about all of the other disappointed parents and children in the room. It really does break your heart knowing that there are so many kids out there who want to learn new things and further there education but get held back and thrown away by the system. Kids who have dreams of becoming Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers and alike, will most probably end up working in (not to over exaggerate here) fast food restaurants or waiting tables. Not that there is anything against those jobs it's just the fact that they never get the chance to make something of themselves, it's all down to a lottery. The random drawing of names. How can it be possible to live in a society where your future is left to chance? Just because your parents cannot afford to send you to a public school. It's heartbreaking stuff.

Brutal but neccessarily so, this is a must see for everyone.

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