Wednesday, 25 May 2011

After Hours (1985)

I hadn't seen this movie for about 10 years so I figured it was long overdue for a revisit. That and the fact that I had screened The Night Before a few days earlier, it certainly got me wantinh to see this again

Scorsese is known as a master of many genres but not many people associate him with comedy, and it's just a shame that he never ventured back into the dark side of comedy becuase this one is a real classic. It's hilarious, has an unbelivable amount of grade A cameos and features a magnificent central performance from Griffin Dunne. I think we've all had one of those memorable nights when you harmlessly go into town looking for a good night out but everyhting seems to go wrong, except this is the worst night ever imaginable.

A classic black comedy of the highest order.

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