Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dead End Drive-In (1986)

My second film experience from the mind of Brian Trenchard-Smith, the first being BMX Bandits.

The soundtrack to this one is pretty fantastic, I was not expecting that at all. The acting is good too, and about what you would expect from BTS picture. It also features some genuinely great scenes, most notably the one where two guys battle to the death with cricket bats around a tatty old car.

Basic outline taken from a great review on imdb:
After the world's economy collapsed, Australia was turned into a wasteland where the unemployed youth uses the street as a battlefield and the law is forgotten. To fight this, the Government uses a Drive-In to lock them and keep them controlled using fast food and movies. A young man named Crabs (Ned Manning) is trapped in this way, but instead of becoming a conformist member of the nihilistic youth, he decides to fight back and escape no matter the cost.

I enjoyed it but so far BMX Bandits retains that much coveted top spot. Only another 50 movies yet to screen of his.

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