Sunday, 22 May 2011

Striking Back (1985)

This one has been near the top of my to-watch-pile for a very long time, tonight I finally decided to dust off the old VHS tape and give it a spin. I've heard so many great tings about it.

First of all, I was not expecting to see Tom Atkins in this. Very, very pleased with that.
This one was tailor made for James Spader, he is absolutely fucking terrifying as the hick with a grudge. His hair is gorgeous too. From the moment he tries it on with Lori 'lovely legs' Loughlin and gets knocked back, you just know how his character is going to be the centre of this movie. Well, between him and his fucked up brothers that is. They're all insane. The whole feel of the film takes you back to school, you feel intimidated immediately.

Shannon (that's right) Presby is also a bad-ass but meets his match with the Spader. I had a major issue with his tight white jeans and miniature running shorts though, do we really need to see his package in every frame? Too much Shannon, too much. I can't believe the Stoltz bags Loughlin, he's barely in the film.

The fun fair is a great element too, it provides a fantastic background for a scrap. And when Loughlin and Presby have taken all they can from the bullies, it turns into one great revenge flick battleground.

A brilliant 80's revenge movie that has it all, you won't regret hunting this little gem down.

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