Monday, 23 May 2011

Making the Grade (1984)

"Oh boy, you is gonna score tonight."

Delving back into my missed movies of the 80's list and I pull out yet another rabbit from the hat.

The soundtrack to this movie is unreal, from the moment go you just wanna get up and dance like Molly Ringwald at the top of the stairs in The Breakfast Club. The best example of such moves is when Dice goes to the college and forms a little gathering of sorts, my head was definitely bopping at that point.
Plus, if you're not with this movie by the time Judd makes his entrance through the halls, turn off. This one is not for you.

Judd Nelson is brilliant and I even loved the real Palmer (Dana Olsen). He was pretty damn funny in the opening moments of the film but did get very tedious towards the latter stages, a few jokes too far and definitely a little over the top. But let's not forget that we're looking at the same director as Teen Witch here.
Apart from Dice who is my favourite character of them all, the coach deserves some singleing out here as he is just hilarious. He's like Local Hero, he runs everything.

This is a monumentally fantastic college movie and deserves to stand amongst the very best. I was, and please don't shoot me, never a huge fan of Animal House. I much preferred this one, but i'll definitely revisit it before I talk about that publicly. It's just great fun with great characters and a kick-ass soundtrack to boot.

Do not miss this movie like I did.

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