Thursday, 30 June 2011

Undisputed (2002)

Yet another Walter Hill movie that passed me by. All I knew was that it starred Wesley 'always bet on black' Snipes and Ving Rhames, and it was set inside a prison. That was enough to get me drooling.

Alright, so it isn't exactly the greatest film ever made, and the acting is a little stiff at times but it's still a fun romp. Like the good old Van Damme flicks of the 90's, there's plenty of action and plenty of fist pumping scenes to make it entertaining. Snipes is the best thing in this although Rhames is great too, Faulk is terrible though (God rest his soul), his accent made me laugh constantly.I never imagined Hill making a movie like this but I would definitely like to see more, they are fun.

I've also heard that there are a few sequels to this too, some saying that they totally outclass this one. I'm definitely organising an Undisputed marathon screening very soon, my eyes need more prison boxing movies. They remind me of Lock-Up with Stallone!

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