Wednesday, 8 June 2011

North Shore (1987)

Don't you just hate it when you hold on to a movie so long, thinking it's just going to be average just by looking at the cover, even though every one tells you it's amazing? No, just me then.
I hope to never repeat the error ever again.

This film really is like The Karate Kid of surfing movies. I was almost fist pumping by the final credits. Yeah, some of the acting is a little dated but the actual charm of the plot is pretty potent, especially the relationship that he builds with Nia Peeples.
I loved this movie from beginning to end, it has such a great soundtrack and general feel-good vibe to it. A must see for lovers of all things 80's.

If Rad is the greatest BMX movie, and Thrashin' is the greatest Skateboard movie then North Shore has to be the ultimate Surfing movie. There can't be too many out there but nothing compares to this one.

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