Sunday, 5 June 2011

Three For the Road (1987)

I picked this movie up for 50p this morning. I first heard about it while watching the trailers on the movie Remote Control and i've wanted to see it ever since. It's hard to believe that this one is still unavailabe on DVD and a release date is nowhere in sight. CBS/FOX used to put out some of the greatest movies and I own a hell of a lot of them, the trailers included are fantastic too.

The cast is fantastic and the artwork on the box is pretty amazing too, sadly this one isn't as great as it should be. Road movies are always fun but when the bar is already at an almighty high, it's difficult for any film to reach those dizzy heights.

Some scenes are pretty ridiculous and cringeworthy but by the same token some are really fun, it's that kind of movie. Although, the scene where Sheen sees Green (Shit, that's hard to say) getting told off by her Father is unwatchable. He stands and watches behind a glass door and he's shouting "Hey!" "Hey!", very awkward to watch. His hair gets bigger thorughout too, watch out for that.

This isn't a movie for everyone. I can see how it got panned upon release and even why it's not getting put forward for a DVD release, but it is pretty fun in parts. Like back in my rental days, this would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon screening when nothing else is on.

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