Friday, 24 June 2011

Into the Night (1985)

Now, i'm a huge fan of one night movies but this one had somehow managed to escape my grasp, until tonight. It's weird because I have owned the UK quad poster for may years.

What a fantastic movie! This film really does have the lot, not to mention some of the greatest cameo's ever. Even David Bowie pops up in this one and he's also fantastic. And Landis himself too!
The plot is great, the two leads are unbelievable and rarely have they been better. At first I thought it was going to be a black comedy much like the pitch-perfect After Hours, but this is so much more, I don't think i'd say better but definitely more darker. And although it is quite brutal and even violent in parts, it still shows a little of the Landis touch in there too. None more so than the rather sweet cafe scene between Goldblum and Pfeiffer. The two are sitting there eating dessert and basically flirting, the mood is set and then BANG! The waitress (Thanks, Amie) drops a whole tray of sugar dispensers on the table, and then apologises as if it was to us, the audience. Brilliant!

I loved this movie and it's one I plan on seeing again and again over the next few years. I'm sick of putting films off for ages just because of the cover or the cast, look what i'm missing out on! See this movie!

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