Sunday, 12 June 2011

X-Men: First Class (2011)

My main summer movie and most anticipated movie of the year is Super 8, but I have to admit that this one came a close second. I was very excited to see this, it had received so much pre-hype buzz.

While I can agree that yes, it is a good film, really good in fact, I wasn't exactly blown away by it. I love all of Matthew Vaughn's previous efforts and this is another great addition but I can't ever see myself revisiting it, unless I went through a phase where I wanted to see them all back-to-back.

I loved the 40's and 60's settings and the acting was second to none. I also adored seeing some of the early character development too, especially Beast and Raven. I'm also quite glad that Jason Flemyng was confined to a very minor speaking part, i'm not exactly a huge fan of his work.

I did have fun with it and it was a really good film, it just didn't leave me with that buzz like I did when I came out of the Scott Pilgrim screening. For comic book fans this must be like a wet dream to you guys and gals but i'm not one of them, though I admire the films I can't say that i've ever picked up a comic book and read it from start to finish so I guess I can't relate to that, all I know is what I saw on screen.

Another great addition to the career of Vaughn and one which has obviously gone down well with the fans, it just didn't get to me like it should.

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