Sunday, 12 June 2011

Morning Glory (2010)

Another film that I knew very little of, which came out earlier this year without so much as a whimper. I picked it up because i'm a major fan of chick-flicks but I only ever get in the mood for them on Sunday's. Go figure!

This isn't a great watch, in fact it's barely average but what it does have is a great central performance by McAdams. She excels as the TV producer who is armed with the task of reviving a dead breakfast show. The other cast members are great too with both Keaton and Ford pulling in some good comedy, unfortunately I felt a bit sorry for Patrick Wilson who appears to be reduced to bit-part roles these days. He's a great actor and should be doing more work, like the great sleeper film that was Barry Munday.

Overall it's pretty weak with only a few laughs and I should have been smiling more, that's how chick-flicks get me, they may not be my favourite movies of all time but they at least manage to make me feel good about my day. The soundtrack doesn't help this one either though, it's like it has come straight off a 13 year olds ipod playlist of great catchy tracks, it's almost sickly.

This tries so desperately hard to be the new Devil Wears Prada but that could be it's biggest downfall, think Devil Wears GAP instead.

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