Wednesday, 16 March 2011

UHF (1989)

"TV as it was meant to be seen. In a movie theatre."

I didn't know what to expect of this one. I'm a pretty big Yankovic fan but i'd heard mixed things about this movie, despite it's large cult following.

It was good but not great. I loved the entire premise of the movie and some of the sketches were pretty funny. I couldn't help but crack up at the likes of Spatula City, Conan the Librarian and of course, the SUPPLIES cupboard. That one was right out of the Top Secret catalogue of jokes. Don't get me wrong though, there were some unwatchable scenes too and although the acting was probably intentional, it was still very bad.

It had something of a Be Kind Rewind vibe about it, which I liked. I just didn't love it.

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