Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Parking Lot Movie (2010)

I occasionally go through spells of craving documentaries and when they're this good, who can stop the addiciction? I loved this movie!

It's nice to get an insight into the world of the so called 'menial' jobs that most of us have to get through, as we try to find our more permanent career choice in life. I felt like one of those guys whilst watching this documentary and while we don't have the pop collared frat boys over here in the UK, we still get the same character types but just in different clothing.
I love how they have so much passion for the booth and when people don't pay, they run after the vehicle in a fit of rage. Because it's not about the not paying, it's the fact that they aren't willing to part with a few dollars for the service provided because they think they are above the attendants.

This movie just goes to further prove that you should treat everyone with respect, no matter what job they have. If there are no bin men in the world, who gets rid of your rubbish? Have a little diginity.

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