Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rango (2011)

I really enjoyed this film. It has all the necessary plot points and cliches of a good western, with some great movie in-jokes thrown in for good measure. The Fear and Loathing one being a particular highlight.

In ways this film reminded me a lot of An American Tail, but just not as good. It's very dark in places and also funny, and that's the way I like my animated films to be. It has a central lone character, much like Fievel who arrives at a town being controlled by the Mayor. In this case though the problem is that the entire towns water supply has run dry, with no clues as to where the water has gone to. In steps Rango, the newly appointed Sheriff of the town who is armed with the responsibility of restoring peace to the town and it's people.

I highly recommend this one. I personally found it to be a little dark for children but there were very young people packed into the cinema and they seemed to love it too, so that proves me wrong.

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