Thursday, 27 January 2011

Phantasm (1979)

"You play a good game boy, but the game is finished, now you die."

As a kid the horror genre was by far my favourite genre, so my refusal to screen this one is a complete mystery to me. I've had it for years on VHS and people have always told me how creepy it is but it's just never appealed to me. Well all I can say is that my childhood was never complete having skipped it.

As the lead character I doubt you could find a much worser actor than Michael Baldwin, he was dreadful. I tried so hard to like him but he's just got one of those annoying faces that it became unbearable to watch him in the end. I think Sammy Snyders could have done a much better job here. To be honest the acting in general is pretty average at best but I guess that's part of it's charm. I feel the same way about this film as I do with something like House (1986), except this one is much more creepier.
I have to admit it, The Tall Man did give me a few minor jumps as did the little ewok/troll monsters that kept popping up. "Booooooyyy!"

The score for this film is nothing short of spectacular too. From the opening credits (there weren't any) to the end scene, the music was spot on for setting the mood and tempo of the film, very eerie.

Overall this film was pretty great and i'm glad I finally had a chance to check it out. It's just a shame that I waited this long because I reckon if i'd have screened it at the age of 11 when I had my horror phase, i'd have loved it even more.

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