Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Splash (1984)

A classic film from my youth but not one that I remember a whole lot about, other than the fact that Daryl Hannah was a mermaid in it. It's been about 15 years or maybe even more since I last saw this one so it was well overdue for a revisit.

I'll watch any movie with Tom Hanks or John Candy in and that goes double for any released in the 80's. Add to the mix an absolutely stunning Daryl Hannah and Candy's SNL right hand man Eugene Levy and you've got yourself some sure-fire gold there. Directed by Ron Howard too? I'm in dreamland.
I'm happy to report that I still love this movie, in a similar way that I love Mannequin. It's that fantasy romance that draws me in, almost dream state, like the movies we all want to make in our heads.

Hanks is hilarious and to pick one scene in general would be very harsh but in the case of the spoon at the restaurant, I can't help it. "Nice earrings."

It's a childhood classic and one that still holds strong enough today.

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