Monday, 25 April 2011

Scre4m (2011)

I went into the film with the lowest of expectations. It boasts a very credible score on imdb (currently the highest of the franchise at present) but everyone I respect has panned it. Whether it was the low expectations or not, I had a really fun time with this movie.

A few months back I saw Craven's latest effort My Soul to Take and thought it was one of the worst movies i'd ever seen, so you can imagine how awkward I felt parting with good money to see a new addition to the Scream franchise.
This is nothing like MStT, thankfully this is both funny and smart. It constantly takes the piss out of it's cliched plot points throughout and really works because of that fact. My only negative thoughts are with the ending but i'm not about to spoil anything about it.

Had it not have been for that dreaded third instalment which was absolutely dire, this could have been a wonderful and fun trilogy, but I fear it may always be tarnished by that ugly sister of a third film.

Don't be put off by any negative reviews, if you enjoyed parts 1 and 2 then you're in for a real treat.

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