Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Confessions (2010)

I'd been desperate to see this film since I heard about it towards the end of last year, unfortunately the UK cinema release in Februaury was very limited to select cinemas, none of which were in reaching distance of myself as I work until late most days. So I had to wait until the DVD and Blu release, and even then i've delayed it a little.

The story is very simple but effective, gripping you from the get go and refusing to give in. It does the wonderful thing of explaining the secrets and mysteries from the start, to lure you into the false sense of security that you already know what's going on and what exactly is there left to tell, all after the first 15-2- minutes. Then it takes you on a series of twists and turns and you just give in and accept that you have no idea where it's going. The actors were really great too and very believable, but then again I never have noticed bad acting in Asian films.
I loved the score/soundtrack for this movie, it really seemed to capture each scene and bring the film to life. As did the editing and visual effects too, quite brilliant in places.

Overall it's a pretty solid revenge flick but nothing masterful like I was expecting. Roll on Dream Home and I Saw the Devil next on my hit list.

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