Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life As We Know it (2010)

Could it be humanly possible that i'm losing my love for the rom-coms? I didn't really care much for Made of Honor the other night and this was the same. I was quite looking forward to this film, it stars the gorgeous Katherine Heigel and the lead from the surprise hit Paradise Lost (I'm aware he's been in other things but I haven't seen them).

I guess the long winded run time didn't help my feelings towards it, 2 hours? Come on.
The subject matter isn't new to me, I love Jack and Sarah and Knocked Up and this seemed to be like a perfect blend of the two. This is nowhere near as good as either of those films.

Maybe I am losing my love or maybe these films are losing their touch. The Switch and Barry Munday were another two disappointments.
Don't necessarily avoid it but don't move heaven and hell to see it either.

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