Friday, 5 August 2011

Too Much (1987)

Screened as part od the Night Drop Box.

The box art for this movie is fantastic, my mind instantly thinks Short Circuit and I am quickly transported back to my early rental days. The cover however overpowers the movie, it just never lives up to the promise.

I hated the girls face, felt the music was all over the place and the film very ordinary. I thought we were going to hear the girls narration the whole way through the movie but thankfully for my sanity she belted up, it was getting too much.

The movie starts rushed but towards the end of the movie it does start to level itself out and become genuinely intriguing. One major plus pointis the fact that I got to see alot of Japan, a place i'm dying to visit one day soon. Very creepy when the 'WE ARE FOR TOO MUCH!" starts to riot. - That needs to be seen to be believed. I was properly freaked out when that theme kept playing.

A lesson to parents everywhere, don't give your kids everything.

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