Thursday, 11 August 2011

China O'Brien (1990)

After my recent craze on all things martial arts I came across the trailer for this movie, I have been unable to think of much else since. The VHS tape was delivered this morning.

I love it when movies decide to abandon all the rules of great filmmaking and go straight for the throat. In this movie you will find no acting skills, it's practically No Retreat No Surrender in that sense. But what it lacks in acting it more than makes up for in action. The fighting is spectacular, rigid as hell but most definitely spectacular nonetheless. I loved the bad guys too, they had me so worked up for a cheesy movie it's unreal, I was almost punching my projector screen they got me so mad.

This film is simply magical. If you like no holds barred all out action with very little sense of direction, this is the movie for you. Cynthia Rothrock is an angel sent down from heaven to entertain and kick some ass. She does both with a huge smile on her face. Seek it out now! I'm on the hunt for the sequel.

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