Sunday, 7 August 2011

Stand By Me (1986)

After seeing Super 8 at the pictures yesterday it had me itching to rewatch this movie, it's such a childhood favourite of mine and one my wife had yet to see.

The cast in this movie is just simply incredible as is the plot, perfectly executed too. It captures youth like no other film. I was exactly the same at that age, my friends were the best and i'll never experience that feeling again. The Goonies, The Monster Squad are two very different movies to this one although that feel good experience remains. I love all sorts of coming-of-age films, stuff like The War and My Dog Skip, but there is one that stands out above the rest that i'd say is this films equal and that is Hearts in Atlantis.

It's sad to think that River Phoenix is no longer with us either, such a talented actor. What a wonderful story this film is and it's one i'll shpw my kids one day and hope they like it too, I know my wife did. Even if she prefers Super 8 to it.

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