Saturday, 6 August 2011

Super 8 (2011)

Hands down my most anticipated movie of 2011. Ever since that trailer hit the net I have been unable to think of much else.

This movie ticked all the right boxes, pulled all the right strings and most definitely lived up to the hype. I adored it. I wanted to make out with it. I came out feeling like i'd just seen a mash-up of The Monster Squad and Stand By Me. It's a classic 50's B-movie plot, retold in a late 70's fashion, modernised (sort of) to suit.
I loved the kids, every one of them were perfect for each role. You just sometimes have to sit back and admire talent like that, it was a pleasure to see.
I know this movie won't hit home with most as the expectation levels were set too high but talking as a guy who has talked little else about upcoming movies, I absolutely loved it.

I might just go and see it on the big screen again, I know i'll be buying the Blu as soon as it's released, and i'm a VHS fanatic! Amazing movie that made me feel like a big kid again.

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