Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Submarine (2010)

I love Ayoade and his acting work so I was very much looking forward to seeing him direct, especially considering Paddy Considine was on board too.

This has a fantastc feel to it, reminded me a lot of my other favourite British movies like A Room For Romeo Brass and Cemetery Junction (I know most hated that one). I loved the relationship between Oliver and his parents, the way he communicated with his mom was hilarious. Using quotes from her books and spying on her from the stairs. Genius!
I also loved the sweet relationship between him and Jordana, again it reminded me of other favourites like Nick and Norah and also 500 Days of Summer. I also tip my complimentary cap to Ayoade for the use of VHS, I wanna know where I can get my hands on one of Graham's tapes.

Beautiful story, well written and perfectly executed. I can't praise this one enough. Ayoade, i'm on board!

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