Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

For some strange reason I had forgotten that this film was based on a fake trailer for Grindhouse, it was just completely erased from my memory. I did however manage to find out about the making of this movie while doing some random searching on imdb, and my mind was completely blown. I wanted to watch it like no other film in pre or post-production.

Fortunately unlike Machete this one absolutely lived up to the hype for me in the same way that it has for everbody else. I think the last 25 minutes of the film are it's most strongest scenes and definitely worth waiting for, the soundtrack is also incredible, so fitting. I loved the opening credit sequence on the train, it reminded me a hell of a lot of Ti West's House of the Devil, such a throwback. Rutger is immense throughout and normally I can forgive the bad acting as it's intentional, but the two brothers in this were just downright silly to the point of annoyance. It's very quotable though and don't be surprised if you're at work the next morning saying "I'd eat the peanuts out of her shit".
This movie was made with us home video loves in mind, I couldn't be happier to tell you that it works.

The latter half of the film is where my like turns to pure love, you can't help but not love it. I just can't wait to see what Eisener does next, the world finally has some raw talent to unleash on the rest of us.

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